STTC offers many choices of On-line General English learning units.

Levels are selected and depending on Students knowledge of English. STTC can now extend the services of our native speaking teachers, who can deliver a personal, affordable and fun way of approaching to learning and for understanding the English language.

On completion of the course all students will be issued certificate provided by the director of the STTC approved by The Department of Education which is recognized nationally.


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Learn about COLOURS

Rania Mahany


Teresa Garrido S


Dinh Vy


When I first came to Australia and before I studied at STTC, I didn't know any English not even a single word of English. After studying at STTC, I am now really confident to communicate with anyone who speaks English. I now open my own restaurant in Australia. I'm really satisfied with the quality of teaching and the professionalism of the teachers at STTC.

Jasnita Jain

Fiji Island

I was a student at STTC studying with a lot of good teachers who taught about Australia and improve my English.

My General English course makes it easy to communicate with others and has helped me a lot to further my study in the childcare course. I have now completed the course and gained certificate 3 in the course. I am currently working in the childcare industry. I recommend everyone to study at STTC if you want a good quality of college and improve your quality of life.

Krishna Ramiah


Amienah is the best and friendliest English teacher when it comes to learning English. I have improved my English to the next level with her efficient and easiest teaching techniques. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their English proficiency. In fact, all teachers at STTC are fully qualified, experienced and professional.

Dalia Marjanovic


The General English course at STTC is awesome. My English has improved greatly and incredibly fast. I am now going to enroll to the Academic English.

Xie Yung


I think STTC is one of the best colleges to improve my English. It is multicultural as the students come from a lot of different countries. The teaches are all kind hearted, helpful and friendly.

Achariya Moau


STTC has helped me a lot in my English. General English course makes it easy for me to communicate with others and has helped me to further my education.

Ivana Novak


I have learned English in my own country, but have never been taught by native English speaking teachers. It has been so great to study English at STTC with native English speaking teachers. They teach me how to pronounce words correctly and how to speak like they do. Not only that, they also teach me how to communicate with English speaking people confidently.

The courses have helped me improve my English and boost my confidence when talking to other English speakers while I am traveling.

Sorento Valentino


Studying at STTC has allowed me to improve my English skills in multifarious ways. All students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. It’s very easy to learn when you are having fun at the same time. The classes are very dynamic and the teachers are very helpful, patient, very well skilled and experienced. I am so happy to have chosen STTC to improve my English skills.

Bibek Neupane


General English Course at STTC is really fun and inspiring. There are lots of activities and interaction with other students. STTC is a great college to learn English.

Vlado Nikovic


I studied at STTC based on all the good feedback I heard from my colleagues. I was first skeptical about it but now that I have studied at this college I found out that it is enjoyable and I have learned a lot. Not only my speaking but also my communication skills have improved. The course, the environment and attention to international students are excellent. It is very enjoyable to learn English with different people from different countries around the globe taught by very competent teachers.

Aygul Tunyaz


The biggest goal that I have ever had in my life was for me to be able to speak English. But when I studied at STTC, not only speaking but I also gained other skills regarding English, reading, writing and listening, I have got it all at STTC. I chose STTC based on a good feedback from my friends and guess what ? THEY WERE RIGHT ! I am now able to speak much more fluently. in the General English course, the teacher provides us with a huge variety of speaking activities. The teacher also gives us a lot of other activities including games which definitely help us to improve our English skills.

Annika Lebedev


I study at STTC to practice my IELTS prior to taking the IELTS test. What is great about STTC and the courses at STTC are that STTC provides the students with a lot of varieties in the class materials and good and friendly teachers. I needed the IELTS preparation course not only for university purposes but also help me improve my communication skills and find my dream job.

Anhelina Shevchenko


The teaching quality at STTC is superb and the admin staff is very helpful. I can work independently and yet I can get a lot of supports and assistance when I need. The General English Course has helped me a lot with my everyday life as I live in English speaking country, Australia. I can now speak English confidently and I am now working in a hospitality industry.