Welcome to STTC

Amienah Riske

STTC Founder 1987 - 2021

STTC History

For over 34 years, STTC has not only upskilled the students and the workforce to ensure the people’s prosper, but we have also strived to support our students’ employment ambitions and personal goals. Today, we offer several different courses that include online English course to hundreds of students.

Founded in 1987, STTC was the first English, computer and business administration class, taught by respected teachers, Amienah Riske and other experienced and professional teachers.

Throughout this long history, STTC has not only upskilled the workforce to ensure our students’ prospers, we have also supported our students’ personal goals.

Meeting the skill needs of industry and community remains a driving force and our courses and services have adapted and changed over the years to match the shifting demands of the workforce and economy. We have the experience and know-how to get the best results for our students and employers, and we are proud of our longstanding reputation for quality services.

Today, thousands enrolments and several different courses from low to higher level certificate, we continue to stand out from the crowd. From the beginning to the fresh demands of a new millennium, our incredible teachers, diverse course offerings and connections to employers around the world mean we offer the very best in vocational education and training. You really can be whatever you want to be at STTC.