Vision Statement

No one should be left behind.

Education and knowledge go hand in hand and with

growth becomes wisdom”.

What we need is world leaders, able to converse on an international level whether it be political, business, science and cultural exchange.

Part of the great divide is understanding English and developing language skills and a part of which is developing the four basic elements of any language including Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

Developing these basic English skills will put you in advantage, open new doors to further enhance your career.

So I'm proudly announce that STTC is now extending our courses to anyone willing to step forward on their path to an exciting new vision that is to connect with people, control and manage their stay plus any activities in any of the many English speaking countries.

You don't need to go to Australia "To go to Australia to learn English”.

Mission Statement

Our priorities are you the students, our shareholders and stakeholders to give overall excellent customer service, student satisfaction, while providing a truly memorable experience within STTC language college and STTC English tutoring service.

We respect our teachers for they are the heart of our enterprise. Each teacher is fully trained and experienced and to be able to give the best we can offer.

We use the latest up to date management methodologies, where we can easily identify student progress and evaluation. Together with the right type of guidance to keep the student motivated, involved and excited.

“When one door closes a window is opened”

The ability to communicate is so important, we encourage our students to help themselves by overcoming difficulties in learning the English language these can be done by example, covering the whole four micro skills including different types of activities.

We understand the needs of our students and we focus on teaching the hardest parts of the English language which can be quite difficult, challenging and intimidating for many students.

Here are some example that can hinder students’ progress :

1.Unqualified teachers

2.Limited learning environment

3.Students do not take their studies seriously

4.Overuse of native language in the classroom

5.Students becoming dependent on the teachers

6.Strong students dominating the class

STTC provides students with highly qualified teachers and helps student overcome the hindrance to the development process.

Finally, on completion of the course all students will be issued certificate provided by the director of the STTC approved by The Department of Education which is recognized nationally and by AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework)


At STTC we pride ourselves on the achievements of our many students that have successfully completed the courses that we have to offer.

We pride ourselves on the success of our students, knowing that we have succeeded in achieving our own visionary goals.

"to close the gap of ignorance and to shed light on the uninitiated'

I thank you for your time to read this statement and hope that you have a clearer understanding of what STTC can do for you and under what circumstances you can do to improve your lifestyle and quality of life.

Please feel free to contact the STTC and enquire about the courses and excellent customer services that we provide.

Your sincerely,

Hendrik Riske

Managing director

STTC 2020

Mr Hendrik Riske

CEO STTC established 1987-2020