Conversation for Children under 11


Here at STTC we understand the need to learn English in this busy mad world. However, we also understand that the needs of our younger students are not the same as those of our older students which is why our very talented teachers have compiled a program just for you. Our new Conversation English Classes for under 11’s are offered in units of 60 minutes each thereby ensuring that all of our students stay fresh and focused and motivated from the start of the lessons right to the end.


Our style of teaching has been especially formulated to appeal to our young learners. The lessons are fun with lots of inter active material used; the chance for the students to speak and also to learn lots of English songs and poems, so they are having fun and still increasing their English vocabulary. We choose our English teachers for these courses who have the ability to really engage and interact with our young students. We aim to encourage all of the students and make sure they are really enjoying all the lessons. No one gets left behind. We feel that to achieve this, all lessons should be a maximum of 60 minutes each.


This course has been designed for all young learners under the age of 11. We focus very much on the conversational side of English; some writing but also lots of confidence building. It is a fun and interactive course. Our Conversation English Course is specifically for students of more than one, up to a maximum of 10 students at any one time. Please contact us if you prefer to be taught individually.

Virtual English Course For Under 11 year-old has 4 levels

Level 1: This is an ideal preparatory course for students with or no English

Level 2: Choose this course if you already know some basic English

Level 3: This course is better suited to students who have been learning English for 1 year or more

Level 4: This course is better suited to students who have been learning English for 2 years or more

This course is taught by carefully inspected and qualified TEFL Teachers. Upon completion of this course students will be issued with Certificate of attainment.