Amienah Riske

  • STTC Founder 1987 - 2021

  • Teacher

  • Fluent in Indonesian.

Mrs. Amienah is the founder of STTC in 1987. She also played a role as a teacher for STTC from 1987 to 1993 when she left Indonesia for Australia to pursue her study and career.

Mrs. Amienah has a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistic in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, NSW. She has a Post Grad Diploma as well as a Post Grad Cert in Applied Linguistics in TESOL from Macquarie University Australia. She also has Bachelor of Art Degree (BA) from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, NSW, a Diploma in Business Administration and Computer.

She also holds :

  • Cert IV in TAE502 (Design and Develop Assessment Tools)

  • Cert IV in TAELLN411 (Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

  • Cert IV in TAE 40110 (Training and Assessment)

  • Cert IV in TNA (Training and Assessment)

  • Cert IV in TAA (Assessment and Workplace Training)

  • Cert in Home Tutor Scheme and Enhancement Program all of which were obtained in Sydney NSW Australia.

Mrs. Amienah’s qualifications has also been involved in teaching and training Student English Teachers (TESOL Teachers) from several different Universities: UWS (The University of Western Sydney), UNWS (The University of New South Wales), UTS (The University of Technology Sydney), Macquarie University and Language Training Institute (Universal Education and Training Ltd).

Mrs. Amienah’s experience has also been involved in assessing and teaching English in Australia for students from different countries and diverse ethnic backgrounds in some colleges in Australia for over 17 years one of which is funded by the Australian government and by the Australian department of education.

Her research explored the issues for the acquisition of a second language. Currently she lives in Sydney Australia NSW with her family.

Throughout her former years, Mrs. Amienah has been a dedicated student of language and English comprehension and has been an outstanding student of the English spoken and written word. Her dedication includes teaching a vast number of students that hold highly in regard, respected and loved by all. A sweet and caring individual that helps and guides all that pass through the doors of her classroom. Her mastery of the English language is second to none and Mrs. Amienah has been a favorite amongst her peers where she writes, transposes and contributes the content with collaboration with other experienced and qualified teachers in order to give the students the best possible experience.

Her aim is to improve the lives of her students and fellow teachers and her goals is to teach the English programs she had personally developed from her experience from teaching the language for all of many years.

Mrs. Amienah’s dedication to the college is non-tiring and she has great energy representing her passion that is the English language.